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Los Angeles’s Whiplash Warning Light

Los Angeles CA Whiplash Treatment

The roar of an engine!  The roar of the crowd!  The roar of the wind racing by as you hold on and enjoy a day at an amusement park.  Life today is fast, and we play hard.  Unfortunately, today’s fast lifestyle can have a traumatic effect on your health. The injury suffered is most often described ...


Search Overload for Neck Pain Relief

Los Angeles CA Neck Pain

With today's turbulent current events, our stress and pain overload are up, and our time and resources are limited for solutions.  For solutions many of us head to the internet to search for these solutions.  Unfortunately, there is too much information on the information highway, which allows us to become paralyzed with confusion.  Here are ...


The Ergonomic Equation In Los Angeles

Los Angeles CA Workplace Ergonomics

Workplace Ergonomics Defined Workplace ergonomics is the practice of designing or redesigning an area in which a person works to meet the specific needs and job requirements of that person. For an ergonomic workplace to be created, a proper assessment of the environment must first occur so that appropriate changes can be made based on accepted ...


Make Sure To Use All Of Your FSA Dollars!

Avoid Allergies Naturally Right from the Start

Allergy Relief Los Angeles CA

Finally summer is here!  But with the great weather that arrived late this year so did  the massive pollen levels that are causing an historic spike in cases of seasonal allergy, also known as allergic rhinitis.  Bad news for those of us who anxiously awaited to emerge from our winter cocoons and enjoy the great outdoors.

Allergies ...


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