Avoid Joint Replacement Surgery

Back Pain Los Angeles CA Joint Replacement

As we get older, we begin to find signs of age.  Our skin is not as firm.  We are not as flexible.  We slow down and actually acknowledge we are in pain.  But what happens when our joint pain becomes so excruciating that we are limited in our day-to-day activities? Unfortunately, many choose the most invasive ...


Search Overload for Neck Pain Relief

Los Angeles CA Neck Pain

With today's turbulent current events, our stress and pain overload are up, and our time and resources are limited for solutions.  For solutions many of us head to the internet to search for these solutions.  Unfortunately, there is too much information on the information highway, which allows us to become paralyzed with confusion.  Here are ...


Could I Have Sciatica?

Leg Pain Los Angeles CA Sciatica

Does every step you take cause pain that radiates down your leg or legs?  Have you become depressed with the pain or been through a series of pain injections to block this pain? If so, read on. Understanding A Cause - The Sciatic Nerve Your sciatic nerve is the longest and widest nerve in your body and runs ...


Suffering A Rotator Cuff Injury?

Shoulder Pain Los Angeles CA Rotator Cuff Injury

Are you sitting on the sideline for some of your favorite activities due to a shoulder injury that makes many routine activities challenging and painful? Or have you played through telling yourself it will heal or you will address it later? Be warned! It could be an injury to your rotator cuff! Your shoulder injury that ...


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