Marathon Shoppers Guide To A Pain-Free Season

Neck Pain Los Angeles CA Shoppers Guide

Can you hear the holiday songs playing? Of course, that's because the holidays are until after January! However, with this season's good cheer, holiday stress may lead to tears, neck pain, shoulder pain, and headaches. The combination of the wrong food, too much alcohol, late nights, rushing around carrying heavy bags, and, let’s face it, family ...


Foot Levelers Orthotics Dr. Steven Gillis

Foot Levelers Orthotics Dr. Steven Gillis

Visit: if you are you having a hard time eliminating back, neck, hip or knee pain? If you are tired of taking pills, rubbing, and/ or using heating pads, we have a different perspective that will get you back to the activities that you love and suffer doing due to pain. Call to schedule an appointment for a foot scan to see if you could benefit from customized orthotics. Call Dr. Steven Gillis!

Steven M. Gillis, DC
8281 Melrose Avenue #201
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Phone: (323) 655-8348

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Plug-in To Your Health

Back Pain Los Angeles CA Solutions

In our office, we strive to not only help you get well but to stay well.  The best way for us to achieve this is by simply explaining the "how" and "why" of how our bodies work and what we can do to maintain the results that we can help you achieve. The Fuse Box When an ...


Heal Like A Pro From Sports Injuries

Back Pain Los Angeles CA Sports Injury

Playoff Season is Here! If you are a sports fan, you know that the excitement of any sport's season can have our bodies filled with adrenaline and eager to relive the good ole days. If we have remained active and are in a conditioned state, the activities we attempt will be less taxing on our bodies, ...