The Pursuit of Happiness Without Chronic Pain
by Dr. Steven M. Gillis

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Throughout the ages, many of the greatest minds have pondered the simple question, “What is the purpose of life?” and have come to a variety of different conclusions. In fact, most of these great minds agree that as human beings, we will all consider this question or some variation of this question at some point within our lives. For most people, their current life circumstances will be the primary factor that determines how the person will answer the question. However, from one person to the next, regardless of one’s life circumstance, there exists a significant commonality. The common thread boils down to happiness and what produces pleasure for us as an individual. So, it appears that as humans, we want to get the highest level of joy from a life that we can. Of course, what creates happiness from one person to the next can vary greatly. Whether it is having a loving partner, success in a meaningful career, being financially sound, or simply having enough leisure time to pursue certain activities, we all want it. It is so common that many would consider it to be an inherent desire to be happy.

If, instinctively, our most significant value is happiness, then why is it that achieving joy can so often elude us? It seems to be just one obstacle after another that is preventing us from finding our happiness. An American great, Henry Ford, once said, “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” Unfortunately, humans have another instinctive behavior that comes into play here, an obsession to fix problems. Of course, the more focused we become on the various obstacles, whether it is work stress, relationship stress, financial stress, or any other obstacle, the less likely we are to achieve happiness. However, we convince ourselves that, “If I can just fix this problem, then I will be happy!” In most cases, the reality is that exactly the opposite is true: “When you are happy, the problem is fixed!” This false appearance is why happy people appear to have no problems, and unhappy people always have multiple issues.

However, one significantly different obstacle is physical pain and especially when the pain becomes chronic.

Am I Be Truly Happy If I Have Chronic Pain?

Physical pain can overshadow our various paths to personal happiness. We can tolerate acute pain for a while, hoping that it will go away soon, but chronic pain is another matter. Chronic long-term pain affects not only the person but also the loved ones surrounding them, supporting them through the crisis. Most often, it requires extraordinary measures to maintain a positive attitude when dealing with ongoing pain.

Commonly people who are experiencing chronic pain find it difficult to imagine living their lives happily and free from pain. The Pain seems to prevail over everything. The help comes from knowing your options for your specific case. If your chronic pain involves the musculoskeletal system, you may benefit from chiropractic care. There are many tools and techniques for diminishing the impact of long term chronic pain. For example, chiropractic care can often help with chronic headaches, chronic neck pain, and chronic low back pain. For many people, the benefit may be substantial.

Don’t Own Your Pain As Your Identity

Whether you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches, or if you want to reduce your stress, we are here to help you. Our caring team is dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals to improve your quality of life through non-surgical restoration and rejuvenation.

So if you are ready to begin to enjoy your life, please call and make an appointment to discuss how chiropractic care complemented with our specialized healing services can help get you back to the life you want to live – pain-free.

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