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Master Your Health Destiny

Wellness Los Angeles CA Health Goals

Let's create new hope and new goals this coming year! As we are kicking ourselves for letting uncontrollable circumstances anchor our lives this year, let's focus on what we can control this coming year. Here is a great quick list to help you win with what you do have control over - you, your health, ...


Putting the “Abs” in Absolutely No Neck Pain

Neck Pain Los Angeles CA Abs

With strength as the new pretty, we would love to have "Abs of Steel" to show off but also the power of the core muscles to help us achieve further health and agility. Unfortunately, the abdominal muscles are located in the front center of our body. Achieving maximum results to your core muscles requires following ...


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Insanity Stops Here!

Stop the Insanity Los Angeles CA

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Is The Cure Pain Relief Medication?

Adverse Pain Medication Reactions Los Angeles CA

Many of us have been misled into thinking pain is a problem. A headache? Numb it. Gallbladder malfunctioning? Remove it. A sore throat? Soothe it. Although these seem like logical assumptions, the pain you are experiencing is actually the effect of the problem and not the cause. Medication Today Nowadays you are unable to turn on the television ...


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