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by Dr. Steven M. Gillis

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Have you ever found what you were searching for was right in front of your face?  For many of us, our health solution is as simple as that.  The key is to train ourselves to look and listen to our bodies and to learn where to look for the right solution for our future health care needs.


Knowing where to look is the fastest way to find something. We help so many people recover their health because we know where to look.

One of the key foundations of chiropractic is that health is our natural state. If someone isn’t healthy, we look for what could be interfering with this natural state by looking for the underlying cause of the symptom.

We often find disturbances in the nervous system, producing a myriad of conditions. The most common source of compromise in this brain/body communication is from the spine’s moving bones.  Symptoms are merely signs something in your body isn’t working correctly.

Each lifestyle choice contributes to the positive or negative effects of a person’s health.  Regular vigorous physical exercise, a healthy diet, and sufficient rest are not the only factors to having a healthy body.  A healthy spine helps keep your muscles and joints limber so you can maximize the benefits of your exercise.   By identifying and correcting nerve interference, regular chiropractic care helps your digestive system to efficiently metabolize the nutrients that are the fuel for your cells’ rebuilding process.  Chiropractic care even enables a better night’s sleep by reducing unwanted pressure affecting your joints and causing pain. The better mobility and lack of inflammation allow your body to address, heal, and repair. A natural process that is to occur when you sleep.  Overall, regular chiropractic care helps your body be more at ease and helps you enjoy increased health.

Although Chiropractic has been around for over one hundred years, the importance of Chiropractic care has only become more mainstream in the last few decades as pro-active health care has become more popular.  The full benefits are now more readily seen and shared as rising health costs have more than tripled. Insurance no longer covers disease processes that could have been prevented with healthier lifestyles and an optimally functioning nervous system.


Pain is your body’s best way to let you know that there is a problem in your body.  The same premise holds true in regards to your spine.    If your spine is not freely movable, you will likely begin to experience neck, mid-back, or low back pain. As the inflammation or body’s natural protection system increase, the mobility and pain increase.  Our lifestyles are most often the attributable factor to our disease and pain processes.  Unfortunately, most people are searching for a traumatic event to connect their aches and pains to.

Your vertebrae are incredibly important for the house and protect our spinal cord, which is a direct extension of your brain. Your spinal cord connects your brain to the rest of your body through numerous pairs of spinal nerves. These spinal nerves branch out and create a complex communication network, sending signals from your brain to your body and from your body back to your brain. A mechanical problem in the spinal column can irritate local spinal muscles, ligaments, and joints, which can irritate spinal nerves and cause nerve interference. Nerve interference can cause disturbances in your body’s neural network, delaying nerve signals or causing information to be transmitted incorrectly or at the wrong time. Over time, symptoms develop in the affected region or regions as cells, tissues, and organs can no longer do their job effectively. Eventually, symptoms may develop into full-blown chronic diseases.


Prevention is the best strategy.  Spinal Compression can be a silent killer that develops over time and can affect your entire nervous system and all of your life processes.   A spinal screening performed by your local chiropractor is the best way of detecting underlying problems. Chiropractic care then corrects any nerve interference, helping your body perform optimally and, if maintained, relish long-lasting health and well-being.

Waiting for symptoms to appear before seeking help is becoming an increasing burden on our health care system and our well-being. And while it may be called “health” care, it’s actually sick care.

Chiropractors are leading the way with real health care that’s designed to keep you well. Not surprisingly, it’s called wellness care.

Easily Found – Your Health

Our Team awaits you and your family to help you with all of your future healthcare needs.  Call today and begin achieving the savings of staying well!

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For Your Health,

Dr. Steven M. Gillis

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