One of the more familiar phenomena found, especially among young, Los Angeles corporate employees, is stress. Although stress manifests in various forms, corporate pressure seems to be responsible for the majority of neck and shoulder pain, muscle tension, and headaches.

Ask most professionals, and they, likely, will say “I carry my stress in my shoulders” or another region of their body. But, are these areas of the body the actual origin for the symptoms they are exhibiting?

Our Stress Bag

Stress can be a confusing subject, particularly when Westchester corporate employees wonder about their back, neck and shoulder pain. Although stress can have quite the physical effect on the body,
neither its effects nor its various forms are tangible. In other words, stress is an issue, but it is not THE issue and is not something you can tangibly carry around. It is important to realize that other physical causes are at play. Stress is merely the degree of impact of the body’s external environment on the body itself.

Our bodies are designed to endure rather high levels of stress, but under long-term stress, the body begins to exhibit chemical and physical changes that create malfunctions, weaknesses and in some cases breakdowns in which your body signals with pain and other symptoms to warn you to please address.

Unfortunately, with our lives being on the go, the way we solve the problem is most often with higher and higher doses of pain medication, until the point of complete breakdown.

Ready for a Health Makeover in Los Angeles?

Remember life has stress. Whether it is career driven, family, or other outside sources that we feel we do not have control over, our stressors will be felt. The question is, “How well is your body prepared and what underlying weaknesses are there that could affect our health?”

The good news is that a cause can be found and, this indicates that the condition may not be permanent. So let’s choose not to live with it and do something about it!

Dr. Steven M. Gillis, a Chiropractor in Los Angeles near Melrose, is trained to precisely trace down such causes.

To find out more contact the office of Dr. Steven M. Gillis, DC and schedule a stress and spinal evaluation to determine the “why” of your symptoms and conditions and the “how” we can provide the best care in helping you have top-tier health.

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